What are you thinking?


A tool for your thoughts 💭

Stream is a micro-journaling app designed to save your most important thoughts and ideas.

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Message UI

Stream opens right into a text box so you that can start typing as soon as you have a new thought. It's as simple as sending a message to yourself.


You can bucket your thoughts into different categories. A category for ideas, advice, daily journal, things your grateful for, etc. the options are limitless.


All your thoughts are stored locally on your phone. We're not hoarding your notes on a central database that can be hacked. You're in control of your information.

Audio notes
& transcription

You can easily save audio notes and play your notes back by double tapping on your note. The notes are also automatically transcribed using Apple's Speechkit which is helpful when you want to search your notes or share them.


Stream supports threads because every thought builds off of another thought. You can also share an entire thread on twitter with a single tap (still in beta)


You can search any of your saved notes very easily.

Share on Twitter

The great part about having incredible thoughts is sharing them with others. Stream let's you seamlessly share your thoughts on Twitter.